Summer 2016

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wtr_journal_july16_coversmClick here to download a pdf of the Summer 2016 Journal. The Table of Contents is listed below for reference; however you’ll need to download the pdf to read the stories.

Print copies are available for $15 plus shipping and can be ordered here.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Deep Times and The Work That Reconnects Network, by Molly Brown
Spiral Contemplation, a poem by Emily Johns


Young People and WTR, curated by Emily Ryan and Rebecca Selove
Open Letter to the Universe,  by Cheryl Leutjen
Pura Vida: Reflections on the Vernal Equinox, by Hope Horton
What I Want Is, a poem by Rick Benjamin

Honoring Our Pain For The World

Who Dares Approach — And Stay, by Trebbe Johnson
Radical Joy for Hard Times and WTR,  by Emily Ryan
Beckoning, a poem by Megan Hollingsworth
Attending to the Poison Fire, by Carolyn Treadway
Titanistad Abandon, by Jim Tull
New Year’s Eve on a Really Big Ship, a poem by Jim Brown

Seeing With New Eyes

Midwifery and Hospice Care in the Time of Peak Party, by Karina Lutz
Ecology of Now, by Bobbi Allen
The Earth is Helping Us, by Lynn Fitzhugh
WTR in Latin America, an Interview with Adrián Villaseñor-Galarza,
by Karina Lutz
On the Far Side of Walden, a poem by L.M. Browning
New Wind Blowing, a poem by J. Marcia Berry

Going Forth

What is Eco-Chaplaincy?, by Sarah Vekasi
An EYE on Australia, by Lisa Siegel
Morning, a poem by Paul Lipke
Not Your Typical Train Stop: Doing the Milling at Break Free Northeast,
by Adin Buchanan
Turtle, Shark, Kangaroo: What do you do when Harmful Dynamics Arise in a Group?,
by Aravinda Ananda
Welcome to the Anthropocene, a poem by Karina Lutz

Books and Other Resources

Joanna’s Book Review: Designing Regenerative Cultures by Daniel Wahl
Review of Pachamama’s Game Changer Intensive, by Molly Brown


Vision, Values and Structure of WTR Network
Participation in Growing the Network
The Montreal Work That Reconnects Circle, by Rebekah Hart
Reflections on May 2016 Intensive in Guelph, Ontario, by Rebekah Hart
Networking plans, events and announcements

End Notes

About our Contributors
Gratitude for our Donors

About the Cover Artwork

Life Becoming © by Cindy Caldwell

“Life Becoming” is an expression of joy of the Source, the vortex from where all comes. It is the mother of the energy that enthusiastically expands into further form and diversity of life. This is the spiral dance that brings into being the miracle of the world of which we are a part.  This tree holds immense love for all of its creations, filled with potential, possibility, and passion.

Journal Production Team

Vol. #1 Issue #2 – Summer 2016
Editor: Molly Young Brown
Editorial Team: Aravinda Ananda, Karina Lutz (poetry editor), Randy Morris, Rebecca Selove, Lisa Siegel, Carolyn Treadway.
Graphic design by Renee Casterline

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