Poem: For Susan, Who Encourages This

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by Jim Brown

In mid-step, crossing
the street, I am
as a lens pops into existence
and glides
through my senses.
Suddenly lucid my brain
registers the light, the air.

They dance, I am lifted, glimpsing
as I first did
decades ago
the mysteries-in-waiting.

Are they everywhere?
Or is it just the light, the air?


From Language Be My Bronco – A Life in Poems by Jim Brown. Psychosynthesis Press, 2012.

Jim Brown is a semi-retired mind-body specialist and eternal information sponge living in Mt. Shasta, California with his original wife, Molly Brown.  He has a doctorate in the psychology of consciousness, and with such a background knows very well the addictive potential of activity that serves both to soothe and stimulate.  Still, he goes on writing poems and such, which for him is an activity that does exactly that.  A collection of his poems, Language Be My Bronco, was published in 2012. Now he is co-authoring a book on neuroscience applied to education that challenges educational practice and policy in the U.S. to get real and support optimal brain development rather than undermine it, as is now the custom.

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