New Album by Lydia Violet: Already Free

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Excerpt from album review by Jeremy Capdevielle,

lydia-violetIn her new album, “Already Free,” Lydia Violet moves her listener through what it means to wake up to life and touch the depths and pain of current, yet ancient, stories. We learn, through a sensual and lyrical roadmap of the soul, how to rise and rise together to meet the beauty and power of the moment. The song “Keep Her Safe” begins with Joanna Macy reading a poem by Rainer Marie Rilke from Rilke’s Book of Hours, which she translated with Anita Barrows.

As a man, the call strikes deep. From a wellspring of passion, care, and historic shame, I am tasked to ask, where is my place in “keeping her safe?” And, how do my brothers and I need to support one another to more fully touch and inspire life?

With her expression, sentiment, and unique story-telling capacity, Lydia walks with us through grief, joy, celebration, praise, hope, and into a humble awareness of the gift of this precious life.

lydia_already-free-cover_When I listen to Lydia’s songs I grow a deeper understanding of what it is to be truly alive. “Already Free” can be listened as a guide, not toward, but, of liberation. Amidst the challenges of our times, listeners who touch the tides of Lydia’s evocative stories and moving instrumentals will understand — that in finding power within what is, we are Already Free.

Album is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Lydia’s website
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Soundcloud album page:
Youtube for “Black As Night” video:

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