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by Matthew O’Tuama


Recorded by author

I cant do this live.
I cant tell you the story,
And fly the ship,
Both at the same time.
So I’m opening a space.
Pushing forward
In what you call time,
But I know it as distance.
I’m opening the door right now.
Can you hear me friend?
We’re together
And strong.

Recorded by Carmen Rumbaut

Matthew has been writing words and music from a young age. His cottage recording and art studio is located in rural Tipperary, Ireland. A musician and songwriter, Matthew has been involved in several projects concerned with the welfare of the planet and wildlife. Over the years, Matthew has been involved in folk clubs, promoted music, and mentored young musicians. His album Universal Acoustic Radio, was released in late 2019. Matthew was introduced to the Work That Reconnects by a friend. He considers it an important platform, in these deeper times. His website is:  https://matthewotuama.com/

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