Trauma hurts

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by Fionnuala O’Shea

Recorded by author

Trauma hurts 
Me now, you now,
Cannot think of tomorrow now. 

Sudden thorn in a soft downy pillow. 
Fish bone in throat threatening to choke.
Stone hitting windscreen from the road. Shattering. 

I do not know how to help. 

I am tired by you.

I feel guilt for this. 
I feel shame for this. 

I curl up into a ball, in my bed. 
Maybe springtime will be better. 

But you are me and I need you. 
I can breathe in this moment. 
The danger is in the past.

 I can sit in the glare of the fire, 
Knowing it is safe. 

I can soothe myself even as my own mind swirls
Rocking, stroking, breathing. 

I am ok. 
This will pass. 
You will be back to me as yourself. 
My intention to tolerate 
The pain of feeling 
Will help me. 
It will help you. 
It will help us all 
To take care of us all.
One gentle step at a time. 

Recorded by Carmen Rumbaut

Fionnuala O’Shea is a writer who was born in Ireland, grew up in County Kerry, and lives between two Tipperary mountain ranges. She is drawn to nature and the inner world. She is a newcomer to the Work That Reconnects, having first encountered Joanna’s writing in 2019. Since then she has followed Joanna’s WTR and in it found inspiration and connection. She has begun to share the wisdom of this practice within her family. Reading Deep Times Journal has encouraged Fionnuala to think critically about her lifestyle and opened her awareness to the community of committed individuals in the world. She really looks forward to taking part in an in-person WTR workshop.

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