What is Not Sacred?

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By Simone Hanchet

Recorded by author


what is not sacred?

find me that thing and i will

hold it up for you



Background:   During the pandemic’s first lockdown, she co-launched an online haiku exchange club, through which total strangers around the world write and share beauty, truth, pain, rage, fear, joy, and humour with one another, three lines at a time. Through the experience of “weaving together” with these fellow poets, Simone rediscovered her passion for writing in a life-affirming way (rather than merely in a clear or clever way), and a little beauty was restored to her. When this journal launched its call for submissions under the theme “What is Sacred?”, this particular haiku landed – swift, soft, and fully formed – in her mind. Simone is delighted that these tiny poems seem to choose her more and more frequently, and that she is able to offer this one up for you here.

Simone Hanchet Butera is a life and health coach who supports environmental and social justice activists (and activists at heart) who are struggling with health, energy, and hope. She came to this work after almost two decades working with various international conservation and human rights organizations, and several years in an academic setting.    
Simone is an earnest and joyful student of the Work that Reconnects and will begin facilitating the journey for others in 2022. She lives by the shores of the beautiful Kitchissippi River near Ottawa, Canada with her beloved partner and two spirited children.

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