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Recorded by Erin Holtz Braeckman

“Gaia’s Lungs,” an April 2020 eARTh ART painting placed on a pine stump in the woods of south-west England, was created both as an offering as well as an inquiry – a “myceliumical question proposed to our dear Earth about the “crowned virus” that was initiating the bodies and souls of many at the time – including myself. In my own experience, “pathosophy” came to teach me as I swayed between life and death, resulting in an encounter with Pathos, Logos and Sophia and the birth of twin books: Pathosophy: A Living Art – Wisdom born of Grief and Suffering and 9 passAGES to Die Alive. Gaia’s response to my question was in the writing of these books, brought forth through Gratitude, Grace and Grief.

Recorded by Erin Holtz Braeckman

Azul Thomé is a Beirut-born  eARTh artist, sacred activist, ritualist, and mentor devoted to restoring humanity back to a deep and honourable relationship with the visible, the invisible, and with our living Earth. She holds a Master’s degree in Ecological Design from Schumacher College, where she explored “The eARTh of Collective Grief as if Life and Death really Matters”. Her visionary work is activated by our animate world as a source of soul imagination and deep transformation. Learn more about SOULand: Making the World of our Longing at or by emailing Azul at [email protected]

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