In My Undoing

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by Joshua Davies

Recorded by author

In my undoing is my making.
The green worm of life burrows through the wound,
a healing fuse in every aching

Somewhere an ancient beast is waking.
It ravages, ravishes and strips me nude;
in my undoing is my making

A stone inside this heart is breaking.
The break reverberates – a universe of sounds; 
and healing fuses every aching

There’s no escape: the earth is quaking.
Structures are leveled, every cord unwound.
In my undoing is my making

Three nights fasting; my thirst is finally slaking.
I drink the silence, nourished by the moon.
And healing infuses every aching

A shattered vase, inside this jar I’m baking.
The shards dissolve, annealed. The break unruined –
as healing suffuses every aching. 
In my undoing is my making


Joshua Davies came to this work through dance and eco-collective theatre. Sponsored by Earth First! and rooted directly in John Seed and Joanna Macy’s Council of All Beings, the collective developed and toured the interactive production “Standing on Fishes” with playwright Martha Boesing throughout 1991. As a practitioner then teacher of healing arts modalities since adolescence, Joshua currently participates in ongoing workshops on healing ancestral trauma through Thomas Hübl’s Pocket Project. He also curates an ongoing poetry/music series close to his home in the Saint Croix River Valley. His volume wound & shimmer will be published in early 2024.

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