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by Susan S Solinsky

Recorded by author


Tonglen –literally,
‘taking and sending’
in Tibetan, or,
accepting and
sending out.
practice of
breathing in life
to transform it
deep within
the heart
breathe it
out, changed.


A sort of alchemy
travels through the body
often not felt or seen
as it shifts
from neuron to neuron
from one state of being
to another.
All by the breath. In and out
thousands of times
until breath calls itself
grace and medicine
born from harm. 

A healing gold
for the spirit rises
from the depths of the body
opened to change 
by the in and out music –-
with eyes closed or open
body still and silent —
for only moments 
allowing the wonder
of it into the world.
A salve for the wounds
of grief and sorrow.

Susan Solinsky
May 2023

Susan Solinsky has painted, photographed, travelled, and written stories and poems exploring the wonders and heartbreak of life. A solid university education honed her creativity to earn an income and contribute to the world.

Now in her eighth decade, she is still inspired and awed as her grandchildren develop into young adults and the land of the Nisenan regenerates year after year in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. 

Her work appears in Old Age & Young Hearts (Kelsay Books, 2023), Canary Literary Magazine (2021), Deep Times Journal (2021), Dharma Stream Magazine, Wild Duck Review, Creation Spirituality Magazine, Earth’s Daughters (Friendship Issue), Poetry Parade.

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