Speak to the Child in Me

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by Dana Dajani

Speak to the child in me

Let her feel free
to sing a song or hum a melody
Please, speak to the child in me
Help her to see
her shameless joy as pure divinity
Go on, speak to the child in me
Support her to be all that she dreams
and knows she can be.

And then, speak to the child within,
who knows not of sin
Tabula Rasa
Liberated, I begin
to speak to the child within
who cares not to win;
the happiness of play
is no achievement to be pinned
And when I speak to the child within
comfortable in her skin
unafraid to be seen, I feel like me once again.

So if I speak to the child in you
will you know that it’s true
that everything comes from Love-
all I say and all I do?
And when I speak to the child in you
with nothing to prove
I meet the innocence out of which we all grew
So could I speak to the child in you
and offer another view
with possibilities different to the ones that you knew?

Child to child
heart to heart
These adult bodies keep our souls apart
Child to child
heart to heart
With these trappings we gracefully part
to be
free from fear
free from pain
free from hurt
free from blame
free from guilt
free from shame
Childlike wonder back again
Free from the past
free from games
free to be me
wild, untamed
Free to love the reigns away
Child to child
heart to heart
We let go of control
and playfully


Dana Dajani is an award-winning Palestinian actor, writer, and poet. She is currently based in the Middle East. Dana received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from Columbia College Chicago, and began her professional acting career in Chicago. In 2011 Dana moved to Dubai, where she quickly gained recognition for her performances in Arabic and English both on stage and in films. In 2016, Dana was honored as Emirates Woman “Artist of the Year” and also received the “Young Arab Award for Entertainment”. In 2017, Dana was also recognized by Stylist Arabia as one of the “50 Influential and Inspirational Women in the UAE”.  Later that year, Dana co-hosted a Work That Reconnects workshop in Dubai. She continues to use her voice to honor and serve Pachamama.

2 thoughts on “Speak to the Child in Me

  1. As I was reading I didn’t think really for a moment I didn’t think at all just drank the fluidity of word sounds in my mind. But instead of thinking and along with drinking I did imagine and expected the author to be in her 50’s at least. Then to see Ms. Dajani so young it then made me think or realize that I was expecting an author who had lived for quite a few more years than 20 or 25.

    This was much more than a poem, like Emily Dickinson, it is a feeling and an experience that is consumed without thought leaving a lasting taste of great earnest meaning.

  2. How awesome. How beautiful. How simply lovely.
    “I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a Tree.
    Poems are made by fools like me . . . but only God(Goddess)
    can make a TREE!

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