International Bioregional Gatherings

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By Aravinda Ananda

The Work That Reconnects Network Weavers have put out an invitation and warm encouragement for experienced and emerging facilitators of the Work That Reconnects to gather bioregionally in the latter months of 2019 – in person if possible, online if need be.

We can deepen our connections with each other, share our stories and pain for the world, and nurture our creativity and resilience. 

The Work That Reconnects Network has been working for the past several years to strengthen connectivity within the wider Work That Reconnects community and a key purpose of these gatherings is to strengthen both local and global interconnectedness. Another purpose of calling these gatherings is to support the flourishing of the Work That Reconnects in this time of great need, and as the Weavers say, to “activate our immune response in the face of climate chaos and the collapse of living systems as well as ongoing racism and oppression in all its forms. Through the Work That Reconnects, we can deepen our connections with each other, share our stories and pain for the world, and nurture our creativity and resilience to serve the web of life on Earth.”

A bioregion is a region defined by characteristics of the natural environment such as mountain ranges, ecosystems and watersheds rather than by man-made divisions.  However, in some places, the term will need to be applied quite loosely; for example, gatherings may be organized around a common language.

The Network is supporting local efforts by offering periodic Zoom video conferencing calls where co-creators can share hopes and dreams, plans, ideas, funding resources, and outcomes. Upcoming calls are scheduled for August 25 and September 15. To participate in the calls, please register your interest by filling out this form.

 While each bioregion will organize and fund its own program and logistics, the Network is strongly encouraging that these gatherings be co-led by people who have experienced the Work That Reconnects and understand it, including facilitators, emerging facilitators and practitioners of the Work That Reconnects. There is also strong encouragement to make the gatherings as inclusive as possible with special attention to the barriers of cost and other factors of accessibility. In some locations where there is not a critical mass of existing facilitators such as Texas, USA, organizers are offering an introductory workshop instead to grow the body of people familiar with the Work.  

 At the time of this writing, gatherings have been announced in the following locations:

Glasgow or Edinburgh, Scotland
Massif Central, France
Eden Sangha, Biella, Northern Italy
Johannesburg, South Africa
Fremantle, Australia
British Columbia, Canada
Calgary, Canada
North East Canada
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
New Jersey/New York City/Philadelphia, USA
Hudson River Valley, New York, USA
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Martindale, Texas, USA
Northern California, Bay Area, USA
Northern California, Anderson Valley, USA
Portland, Oregon, USA

And more are in the works. Please check for updated locations, dates and contact information. If people aren’t already organizing a gathering for your area, there is still time to initiate one. You can register your interest and look for other interested people by filling out this form.

 The Network is offering groups organizing bioregional gatherings the use of Basecamp project management and team communication software. If you have never used Basecamp before, don’t despair (at least not about this); the Network has created tutorials explaining how to use that platform.

 It is a vision of the Work That Reconnects Network Weavers to explore having a global Gaian gathering in 2020 where people gather regionally on the same date for greater connectivity between hubs. However these 2019 bioregional gatherings are happening on different dates September through November as determined by local organizing groups. Some will be for just a day and some will be multi-day and residential. 

 Momentum is building and the Network Weavers are excited to see what emerges from these 2019 bioregional gatherings. Thank you for being a part of this growing Network.

Aravinda Ananda is a Work That Reconnects Network Weaver; a member of the Interhelp Council – the leadership body for a northeast United States regional Work That Reconnects Network; an editor of Deep Times journal; and a co-facilitator of the Earth Leadership Cohort – an immersion in the Work That Reconnects for people ages 18-30. She is a social ecologist living on Massachusett lands and is working on a forthcoming book called Living rEvolution. She is passionate about transforming the human relationship with all of life to be more generative. You can check out her shorter writings or join her mailing list at 

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