What Matters Now

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By Minx Boren

From Poems of Hope and Poems of Despair about the state of our world. 


What matters now
in these dimmer days
when gloom and doom
conversations occupy the tables
in every corner of concern?

What counts now
when countless folk
feel harried and hungry
for the richness of more
fulfilling times
when gold stars of hope
are needed to illuminate
their heavens and shine on
their wishes?

What matters and what counts
are the grit and gumption
to not give in to the sordid
all day all night
not-so-newsworthy dramas
to not reward the greed and
fiscal cleverness that have left
disaster in their wake
to not succumb
to the sin of dismay
no matter the twists and tangles
of evidence hell bent on constraining us
and detaining us from claiming
a bigger better brighter vision
for ourselves and our world.

What matters and what counts
are imagination and inspiration
a “Hail Yes!” we can attitude
and a roll up our sleeves movement
of such magnitude that the future
can hear us coming
with our heads held high
above the cloudy predictions
and our knap sacks filled with
our gumption and grit
our good will and willingness-
the building blocks of new
cornerstones of possibility.

©2019 Minx Boren. All rights reserved. May be shared with attribution.

Minx Boren,
MCC, is an ICF master certified coach as well as a published author, motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator. Minx offers workshops, classes, and webinars on many topics including the Art and Science of Flourishing, Journal-Keeping for Self-Discovery and, most recently, training to facilitate The Empowered Elder webinar series for EAN. Minx is also a longtime community leader and activist, now focusing on local Sustainable Living initiatives. More information at www.coachminx.com. 

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