The Spiral

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By Colin Cafferty

Recording by poet

Down there amongst
The purple roots
Pushing through dirt
Lies the reason
Why I was born

Remember the kid
Blowing fluffy white
Clouds on a breeze
Carrying a wish
No doubt too sweet

They called you weed
So I stamped you down
To green the lawn
And lift me up
Out of my pain

It hurts to know
You don’t belong
On manicured lawns
Or roadside verges–
We’ll find our place

You opened my eyes
Told me your name
Tooth of lion
You roared at me
Look at my leaves!

Greens for salad
Roots to brew tea
I’ll give you it all
Just don’t forget
I’m more than a weed

You told me to go
Forth on the breeze
Seed a new field
With hope and dreams
Braver new world

Wilted and bald
You’ve given it all
Shown me the way
Changed who I am
My warrior weed

Recorded by Karina Lutz

Colin Cafferty is a facilitator of the Work that Reconnects based in Berlin, Germany. He’s an emotional intelligence practitioner, assessor, and coach who nurtures emotional well-being so that we flourish in service of a fairer society and a healthier planet. He values authenticity, creativity, curiosity, and courage. He believes that our place in the Great Turning begins with identifying, processing, and harvesting our emotions to create the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

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