Dependent Arising

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by Leo Lazarus

Recorded by poet

I can only perceive so much beauty
As my health permits
When I am sick
The world is sick
When I am recovering
Every scene is brightened with optimism
This creek shines with green-gold sun
Like the veins of the lapis 
So prized by the wise
I have been awestruck
At this scene before
Today, I am getting better
The memory of such wonder
Stirs in me fondness
In time, I will feel that awe once more

Photo by Leo Lazarus

Recorded by Karina Lutz

Leo Lazarus is a writer and poet who rediscovered his wonder with a treechange. He captures the essence of bush landscapes, movements, and life. In the process he finds parts of himself hiding in the treetops and beneath the moss. He is passionate about encouraging others to explore writing as a tool for personal understanding and for opening our senses to the magic of life. He has published one travel memoir, Myanmar in Moments, and a book of nature poetry titled Glimpses of Earth.

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