You are the meadow

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by Daniela Tablado

Recorded by poet

You are the meadow.
the grass, the soil
the insects, the flowers
the sunrays, the movement
the heat, the breeze
the giver and the receiver
the happenings and the witness
the sky and the clouds or the clouds and the sky?
me and the meadow, or the meadow and I?
and what if we forget about this and that?
what if we try out “we-ing” all that is?

Daniela Tablado is a group facilitator of transformational spaces and a leadership for sustainability consultant. She facilitates group processes and 1:1 sessions bringing different tools for self-development, leadership development, building resilience, and finding one’s role in joining the regeneration of social and ecological systems. In these spaces, she combines mindfulness and compassion practices, deep ecology (The Work That Reconnects), Flow Game, and Appreciative Inquiry. Her gift is hosting people and making them feel safe and brave to explore blind spots, create vision, and find clarity. She comes from Tenerife, Spain.

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