Fall 2016

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Welcome to the Fall 2016 issue, by Editor Molly Brown

Cover art: “Reaching Hands” by Janaia Donaldson. Read more about her work by clicking on this image.

We live in such a time of turmoil and revolutionary change.  Most of us are reeling at the now-certain prospect of a Trump presidency, and what that will mean for the health and safety of people of color, immigrants, indigenous communities, women, LGBT folks, and other historically marginalized people; for our survival as a species facing global climate disruption; and for our already tenuous democracy. Now more than ever we need to come together to share our gratitude for life, to honor our pain for the world, to open our hearts and minds to new understandings and perspectives, and to find ways to act courageously and effectively on behalf of life: in short, to do the Work That Reconnects, along with other justice-seeking and spiritually sustaining practices, anti-oppression work, and non-violent civil disobedience. [Read more of Welcome to the Fall 2016 Issue]


A World Full of Gifts

by Molly Brown
After checking out Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer from our local library, I bought my own copy to read for the second time. This time through, I found this passage on wild strawberries and wanted to riff on what Kimmerer says about them.

Coming Back to Reciprocity

by Aravinda Ananda
While reading Braiding Sweetgrass, I found myself newly in relationship with five backyard chickens. The chickens have been a powerful doorway into reciprocal relationship for me, a pathway back to starting the day with gratitude, a daily call to presence.

Bird of Paradise

Poem by Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Honoring Our Pain for the World

Poem: Evening primrose

by Karina Lutz

Poem: Destiny

by Megan Hollingsworth

Let’s All Take a Breath Together

by Jen Myzel
Let’s all take a breath together. Take a moment from the perpetual scroll of overwhelm and breathe… I had become silenced by overwhelm, and I just tapped into the truth of it this early morning.

Buddha Told Us Not to Go There

by A.M. Davis
Where was our world? We wept. I had gone looking for Dad’s old office and found out that I was long dead.

Mourning Our Planet

by Dahr Jamail
I have been researching and writing about anthropogenic climate disruption for the past year, because I have long been deeply troubled by how fast the planet has been emitting its obvious distress signals.

Seeing with New Eyes

Poem: Stumble

by A.M. Davis

Poem: Blessing the Wasteland

by Carolyn W. Treadway

Report from Standing Rock

by Patricia St. Onge
We came over the low rise (which they’ve dubbed ‘facebook hill’), my eyes teared up. I couldn’t help but take a deep breath. There, laid out in front of us, were hundreds of tents, tipis, RV’s and makeshift lean-tos.

Being an Ally Amidst Cultural Genocide

by Daniel Jubelirer
I knew not what I saw when I saw the bulldozers. My brief visit to Standing Rock started out as a trip to deliver supplies …It turned into an eye-opening journey into the heart of the ongoing cultural genocide taking place in our country.

The Ecological Imperative to Love

by Dennis Rivers
The idea that we have a need to care for the entire web of life and people is only beginning to be explored in Western countries.

Going Forth

Poem: As Earth

By Doug Hitt

Seeking the Proper Threshold

by Karina Lutz
Today, our cooperative homestead installed composting toilets, replacing both of the flush toilets in the house. It is such a relief to no longer have to poop into clean water!

Behind the Scenes of Sustainable Activism

By Barbara Cecil
I am part of blessed legions of men and women who sense deep down inside that we are made for these times, that our life work has to do with preservation of what is sacred and just.

Dispatches from the Youth Climate Movement

by Morgan Curtis
A cup of tea finds my hand from a vast steel pot, and I feel the care of yet another mobile vegan kitchen collective roaming Paris. We’re halfway through COP21, the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Evolving Edge

Lessons & Reflections from Radical Dharma

By Aravinda Ananda
What a time to be alive! So many skeletons are coming out of the systems of oppression closets and being made more visible in the public arena, which has been mostly silent for centuries in order to maintain power.

De-colonizing the Work That Reconnects

interviews with Aravinda Ananda, Belinda Griswold, Mutima Imani, and Joseph Rotella.
What inspired me to make the call for everyone to gather to think about decolonising our practice in the Work That Reconnects is that over the past four years or so, it had been gradually dawning on me just how very exclusive a lot of the work that we have been doing is.


De-colonizing the Work that Reconnects – workshop

A Workshop for White Facilitators of the Work facilitated by Aryeh Shell and Joshua Gorman

Proposed Facilitator Development Program

By Constance Washburn and Molly Brown

Deep Times: A Journal of The Work That Reconnects

Vol. #1 Issue #3 – Fall 2016

Editor: Molly Young Brown
Editorial Team: Aravinda Ananda, Karina Lutz (poetry editor), Randy Morris, Rebecca Selove, Lisa Siegel, Carolyn Treadway.

Graphic design by Renee Casterline

Deep Times is published online twice a year by the Work That Reconnects Network.
The Network provides support, guidance, and inspiration to people all over the world in their work for the Great Turning. We welcome your donations to support the Work That Reconnects Network and Deep Times. The Work That Reconnects Network is currently a fiscal project of Interhelp so all donations are tax-deductible.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0.

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