September 2022 Issue

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Recorded by Molly Brown

Welcome to the September 2022 issue of Deep Times: A Journal of the Work That Reconnects. For this issue, we called for submissions:

…from all over the world, particularly outside the US, to show how the Work That Reconnects or other related or more ancient deep ecology ritual and practices are helping people grapple with the many crises before us all, how to stay connected or reconnect with earth and each other, and how to prepare or refresh ourselves for our role in the healing of the world.

Deep Times’s editors, mostly but not all based in the US, and all currently living in colonial and/or colonized places, recognize that while the specific Work That Reconnects methodology was primarily synthesized by white Americans, it has worldwide roots and reach, from the Council of All Beings in Australia, the Truth Mandala in Germany, and the Elm Dance–originating in Germany, taking root in Russia, and shared  all over the world–to the coining of the term “deep ecology” in Norway. And deeper than that it is informed by and indebted to indigenous wisdom, in particular Haudenosaunee teachers and Tibetan Buddhists.  

Beyond that, shamanic practices, earth-based and non-dual religions and practices throughout the world have much longer histories and track records bringing people back to life, or reminding people to remain in the flow of systems and relationship. Deep Times is especially interested in learning and sharing such wisdom and practices, from the voices of those living those traditions.

We received an amazing response in a wide variety of submissions; all have a common eco-philosophical perspective and commitment to the Great Turning–whether the Work is called Active Hope, Deep Ecology, or the Work That Reconnects.  We always welcome international authors, poets, and artists, and we hope this issue will entice more submissions from many lands and cultures. 

Many of the articles and poems appear in the native tongue of the author along with an English translation–a feature we hope to continue in future issues. The languages are noted in the title descriptions.  In most cases, the audio recordings are in both languages, too. 

We noticed a theme in some of the pieces in this issue:  the challenge in many political situations of speaking our truth–about our pain for the world, our critique of prevalent power-over structures (economic, political, cultural), or our plans for going forth. Case in point: the poet of “Some Remember” remains anonymous for their protection from authorities in Hong Kong. Those of us working in countries with more freedom of communication and assembly are called to appreciate what a privilege it is to do the Work without fear of military or political reprisal, and to increase our sensitivity to participants with such backgrounds or foregrounds. 

Some of the potential authors we approached were unable to contribute because their time and energy has been absorbed in grappling with immediate crises like the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the imperiled nuclear power plants there, or endangered democracies or corporate despoilment of ecosystems around the world. We hold them and their work in our hearts and hope to include their stories in future issues.

Following the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects, we begin with Gratitude, with poems by Margaret Huff (Canada) and Colin Cafferty (Germany).  Talissa Monteiro (Brazil) and Catharina Any Sulistyowati (Indonesia) relate how the Work supports healing and transformation at their centers.

Powerful poems by Shayontoni Rhea Ghosh (India) and Abigail Brandt (USA) join the anonymous poem Some Remember (Hong Kong) in Honoring Our Pain for the WorldMaki Tajima (Japan) tells about her journeys to Fukushima, Florence-Marie Jégoux (France) shares a song she uses to honor pain for the world, and Bridget Woods (South Africa) describes her work with grief and kinship. 

Poets and authors help us See with New/Ancient Eyes, beginning with a poem by Leo Lazarus (Australia), and an account by Tracy L. Barnett (Mexico) and Hernan Vilchez (Argentina) of their transmedia series, Cosmology & PandemicChris Omni (USA) encourages gardening and celebrates Black Joy, Leina Sato (Japan, Hawaii) shares a ceremony commemorating dolphins in Taiji, Japan, and Phil Gardener (UK) tends an Earth Shrine in his garden. Daniela Tablado’s (Spain) poem of interbeing completes this section.

We received so many inspiring submissions for Going Forth!  A prose poem by Marjorie Lumet (Netherlands) opens this section, followed by a collection of responses from people attending Manon Danker’s (Netherlands) workshops. Hila Lernau and Ellen Serfaty (Israel) tell about the impact of the Work That Reconnects in their country, and two articles by Gisela Wiehe and Von Bernd Bender (both: Germany) share the effects of creating a hedge for birds at a zendo.  

An interview with Abigail Sykes (Aotearoa-NZ/Sweden) and a scholarly article by Dr. Paul( Pulé (Australia) document their work to transform patriarchal social constructs to “ecological masculinities.” Felipe Landaeta Farizo (Chile) reports on research into the impact of the Work That Reconnects at an intensive led by Adrian Villaseñor-Galarza, and Zsanna Sebesteny (France) describes her Going Forth/Holding Action film project.

Our Evolving Edge section features Adrián Villaseñor-Galarza’s (Mexico) examination of oppressive dynamics between the “North” and “South” of the Americas, and Silvia Di Blasio’s (Argentina/Venezuela/Canada) observations of why some practices of the Work That Reconnects can adversely impact BIPOC folks.  Finally, Tina Lygdopoulou (Greece) reports on offering the Work That Reconnects to staff in a refugee camp.

In Resources you’ll find reviews of two books, one by Looby Macnamara (England)  and the other by Gay’Wu Group of Women, reviewed by Marianne (Ria) Jago (Australia), as well as an announcement of the new edition of Active Hope by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone (US and UK).  

Last but not least, you’ll find a description of some very exciting developments and projects in the Work That Reconnects Network.

We hope you find inspiration and food for heart and mind in this issue.

~~Molly Brown, Editor, and Karina Lutz, Interim Editor (while Molly was on sabbatical)



Poem by Margaret Huff

Maybe Earth Healing and Human Spiritual Healing are the Same Thing

by Talissa Monteiro
The Work That Reconnects supports both individual and social/ecological healing and transformation at Casa na Árvore yoga studio in Brazil.

Healing Nature, Healing Self

by Catharina Any Sulistyowati
A Labyrinth at Kebun KAIL in Indonesia offers transformation in many forms for all who come to it.

The Spiral

Poem by Colin Cafferty

Honoring Our Pain for the World

The Seer & the Believer

Prose poem by Shayontoni Rhea Ghosh

Active Hope in Japan: Journeys to Fukushima

by Maki Tajima田嶋真紀
Maki shares her experiences and the stories she heard from people she met and traveled with in Fukushima. - Japanese & English

Some remember…

Poem by Anonymous

The sun is black

Le soleil est noir
by Florence-Marie Jégoux
The author shares a song by the band "Tri Yann" that she uses for Honoring Our Pain in workshops. French & English

Earth-grief: Conversations for revealing and healing our kinship

by Bridget Woods
A six-month series based on the Spiral offered by the author and Leigh Meinert in South Africa, exploring and embracing grief arising from loss in all its many forms.

Syrian Lullaby

Poem by Abigail Brandt

Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes

Dependent Arising

Poem by Leo Lazarus

Cosmology and pandemic: What we can learn from the responses of indigenous peoples to the current civilizational crisis

Cosmovisión y pandemia: Qué podemos aprender de las respuestas de los pueblos indígenas a la actual crisis civilizatoria
by Tracy L. Barnett and Hernan Vilchez
The authors share what they learned from Indigenous people of Latin America during research for a transmedia series with this title. Spanish & English

Greetings, My Sista Queens!

by Chris Omni
Welcome to Granny's Garden where we grow Black Joy.

Taiji Grass Boat Ceremony

by Leina Sato
A ceremony commemorating and grieving the 563 dolphins killed or captured in the 2021/2022 Taiji Dolphin drive hunt season.

Earth Shrines

by Phil Gardner
The act of tending a place--such as an Earth shrine--“provides habitations for sacred presences within the everyday world."

You are the meadow

Poem by Daniela Tablado

Going Forth

Wisdom of the Water

Prose poem by Marjorie Lumet
From an experience in a Council of All Beings - English & French

Ultimately, it is Humanity who has to heal Her wounds…

Uiteindelijk is het de Mensheid die Haar wonden moet helen...
by Manon Danker, Dirk Polder, Laura van den Berg, Lenneke Brussee, & Lida Hospers
A collection of voices for change contributed by workshop attendees in response to their experience with WTR. - Dutch & English

Once You Know, You Can’t Say “No”—the Work That Reconnects in Israel

by Hila Lernau and Ellen Serfaty
The impact of the Work That Reconnects on teachers, students, and sea turtle activists in Israel.

One hundred and forty meters of new life: A hedge for birds, bats, and insects

Hundertvierzig Meter neues Leben
by Gisela Wiehe
How a hedge for birds was created at a zendo east of Berlin, because all beings are Buddha. Companion article "Shining One Corner of the World." German & English

Shining one corner of the world

Eine Ecke dieser Welterhellen
by Von Bernd Bender
Buddhist and Deep Ecology principles of the Hedge Project at the zendo near Berlin. Companion article: "One hundred and forty meters of new life: A hedge for birds, bats, and insects" German & English.

Interview with Abigail Sykes from the Starfish Collective

by Erin Holtz Braeckman with Abigail Sykes
The Starfish Collective in Sweden works to develop "ecological masculinities" and dismantle patriarchy, integrating the Work That Reconnects.

This Critical Moment: A Case Study in Education for Change

by Dr. Paul M. Pulé
A scholarly account of Dr. Pulé's workshop series to shift the ethical and practical foundations of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) professions towards a deep, long-range, and life-sustaining future.

Exploring the Effects of the Work That Reconnects

Explorando los efectos de El Trabajo Que Reconecta
by Felipe Landaeta Farizo
A report on qualitative research on the perceived impact of the Work That Reconnects on participants in a 10-day intensive facilitated by Adrian Villaseñor-Galarza in Chile. Spanish & English

Holding Actions for Les Guilleries, Catalonia

Actions pour protéger la Vie dans Les Guilleries, Catalogne
by Zsanna Sebesteny
The Work That Reconnects inspired the author to create three films based on the Spiral to raise awareness about a destructive pylon installation in Catalonia, France. French & English

Evolving Edge

Ancestral Deep Ecology in the Americas

Ecología profunda ancestral en las Américas
by Adrián Villaseñor Galarza
There is a complex and interconnected hybrid spectrum between the “North” and the “South” of the Americas; it is imperative for industrialized citizens to wake up to the ways in which we contribute to oppressive dynamics.

When the Work hurts

Cuando el Trabajo duele
by Silvia Di Blasio
It may sound like a paradox, but the Work That Reconnects sometimes disconnects and hurts.  Spanish & English

Working in the trenches: the Work That Reconnects in the refugee reception context of Greece

by Tina Lygdopoulou
Offering the Work That Reconnects under the extremely challenging conditions of a refugee camp in Greece. Greek & English


New Edition of Active Hope by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone

Announcing the new edition of Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in with Unexpected Resilience and Power. by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone.

Book Review: Strands of Infinity by Looby Macnamara

Book review by Karina Lutz
Strands of Infinity: Poetry to Reconnect
by Looby Macnamara. Poems around the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects.

Book Review: Song Spirals by Gay’Wu Group of Women

Book review by Mariana (Ria) Jago
Songspirals: Sharing Women’s Wisdom of Country Through Songlines
by Gay’Wu Group of Women is a poetic, practical and reflective account of the practice of keening milkarri, or songspirals. 


What’s Cooking in the Network

by the Network staff
Many things are happening behind the scenes at the Work That Reconnects Network that we love sharing with the wider Network community:

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